The Value of Sales Scripting

Why is knowing sales scripting so valuable? In my experience, scripting is the best way to help you overcome some of the biggest frustrations in real estate sales. It is also the best way to generate revenue consistently. Sales scripting can help you:

● Overcome anxiety stemming from not knowing what to say during a sales presentation

● Build confidence in your ability to speak, close, and handle objections effectively

● Know what to say in any sales situation, whether speaking one-on-one, from the front of the room, over the phone, or over a webinar

● Ensure that your sales presentations always follow a persuasive sequence steering a clear path to a strong close

● Avoid losing sales by delivering a close prematurely before you’ve laid a foundation with rapport, probing questions, and benefits

● Build trust and rapport quickly and easily

● Hone your probing questions to identify what your prospect really wants and what’s going to make them want to buy

● Present your benefits using powerful words that arouse your prospect’s desires

● Close smoothly and naturally without anxiety

● Handle objections with the confidence that comes from being prepared and knowing exactly what to say

● Know how to follow up to turn one sales opportunity into multiple opportunities

● Generate referrals on a regular basis

● Get consistent, predictable sales results from following the same successful script over and over

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