The only way to start a successful Real Estate business is to do so with a clear purpose. It’s impossible to create a long-lasting and successful business unless you have a far-reaching telescope. Something has to keep driving you to do what you do, or else your Real Estate business will fall under due to empty goals. Purpose provides the foundation of our values, vision and goals.  Purpose gives meaning to everything we do in our personal and professional lives, yet not all of us recognize our purpose or can articulate it.

Whenever I begin coaching a Real Estate Professional that is the first part of business that I always walk my clients through. If they don’t have a definite purpose, they can’t build their business on a solid foundation. It all starts by asking yourself questions that may be difficult to answer. When we’re young, we know what our passion is and we don’t care about the obstacles that might occur. We have high hopes and big dreams. In a way, finding our purpose is like back-tracking into our youth and really looking at what we want for ourselves and our future irregardless of everything around us.

Then, I move from personal goals to Real Estate goals and have my client really dig deep into consideration of where he/she is professionally and where he/she would like to go. Find what you want and go after it. Having a purpose is one of the most important things in starting and maintaining a strong Real Estate business.  Don’t overlook this in your action plans for next year. It’s never too late to start Real Estate business planning, so get your year off to a GREAT start with a GREAT purpose!

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