What is Real Estate Coaching?

What is Real Estate Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, professional partnership which focuses on the Real Estate Professional taking action toward the realization of their goals and dreams. Coaches are in demand by anyone who wants to excel and seen as vital to many of the top producing Real Estate Professionals in this highly competitive field. Real Estate Professionals are using coaches to inspire them to go beyond the ordinary, to bring out their best, to set better goals and to reach them faster.

Coaching works best when the Real Estate Professional already has had some success but realizes there is a gap between where the agent, manager, or loan officer is now and where they want to be in their business and personal life. Coaching is a well structured series of conversations involving a method of inquiring and questioning that assists the Real Estate Professional to think more clearly, gain better perspective and focus more effectively on their goals. It provides the tools to enhance the process of accomplishment and offers more accountability for their actions.

Coaching usually happens with over-the-phone sessions, although they may also be done in person. Professional Real Estate Coaches are trained to listen and observe, to customize their approach to the individual client's needs, and to elicit solutions and strategies from the client. While the coach provides feedback and an objective perspective, the client is responsible for taking the steps to produce the results he or she wants.

Benefits of Real Estate Coaching
  1. You will have a clear picture of where you are now in your business, where you want to go (and why) and what you need to make it happen.

  2. You will become more successful in your Real Estate Business.

  3. You will learn to manage your time so you can achieve more than you ever imagined.

  4. You will create a business plan for the next 1, 3, or 5+ years.

  5. You will discover exactly what skills are necessary, why you need to understand them and how to go about learning them.

  6. You will develop supreme self-confidence and self-trust to do whatever necessary.

  7. You will work more effortlessly.

  8. You will have more control over the speed and direction of your growth.

  9. Your business will be stronger.

  10. You will be stronger.

  11. You will take your business and life to the NEXT LEVEL!
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Coaching is at an all time high demand lately. With so many flourishing Real Estate Businesses, entrepreneurs know that it takes more than just a good idea and some business loans to make a lasting impression in the business world. Coaches can help you grow your Real Estate Business by being the new perspective you might be looking for. They can help you with your business plan, lead generation, and much more if you find the right one with the right experience.

In finding a GREAT coach to grow your Real Estate Business, here are some questions that I recommend considering before signing anything:

It’s impossible to be an overarching coach. In the same way that with your business, you have to find a niche and some sort of specialty to brand yourself and make your company as attractive as possible to consumers, coaches can’t possibly have the ability to coach people in all sorts of businesses, professions and backgrounds. How can a coach who has experience in spirituality and healthy living properly coach you with your business plan and business growth? He/she can’t. If you want a coach to grow your Real Estate Business, find a coach who has experience being an entrepreneur, or who specializes in coaching Real Estate Professionals.

Coaches seem to be all over the place, and most of them don’t have any certification. Surprised? A lot of times, since there are nearly no colleges that offer degrees in coaching, people will just take on the title “Life Coach” because they want to give people advice. Find a coach who has been certified by a coaching federation or school because certifications do exist for coaches. They need to know the tools to make you reach your goals, and if they have no training, education, or materials to grow your business, you’ll find yourself at point A again after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars

Just because a coach worked for a friend or business associate doesn’t mean the same coach will work for you. If a coach that you’re interested in isn’t offering a free sample session, be wary of what they might be trying to get you contracted for. Your relationship with your coach is just as important as your relationship with an assistant. It has to be comfortable and open for either of you to get anything out if it. Make sure that you sample your coach before signing on with him/her.

Is your coach lost in yesterday? As a Real Estate Professioonal, you have to be educated and up-to-date with technology, current trends, and everything changing in the business world today. If your coach isn’t current, then you might find your Real Estate Business going down the drain. In order to grow your business, marketing, advertising and branding are of the utmost importance. These are all contingent upon what’s attractive to consumers today and are always changing. Make sure your coach is keeping up with the Joneses so you don’t get lost in old business.

Using multiple methods of coaching is also important for your Real Estate coach. Your coach can’t just coach you on your business goals, just as he/she can’t just coach you on your budget. You have to have a well-rounded coach who touches on every aspect of your business and everything that might affect it.

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